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We all love this dish paired with the main dish in birthdays and fiestas. Choy suey. I loading this up coz i tasted a chop suey that caught my attention, i do eat chop suey, and most of the time i dont say wow, i mean i eat it if it is served and as a side to pair with the main dish. Until this caught my attention.

On the top list for now, is MER'S PALUTO, we ordered a main dish which is Tiil sa baboy Humba and it comes with a side dish of choice so we decided to get chop suey try. And we didn't make a mistake - this is a wow to me. 10/10 but lets not put the bar to high so 9.5/10 but still i will put it at 10/10. So far their is no 2nd best i can recall, so now i will start to take notes on chop suey for the Tops List.