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Mr. Liempo (9/10)


You want liempo, get mr. liempo. My rating is 9/10 because i did got maybe twice, a day old or half day old liempo. You will know, the meat is just dry inside and it start to get tough. If your able to get a fresh hot off the rotiserrie then this lliempo is good. Hold on let me remind you I didnt include Balamban Liempo here as i will push that balamban liempo is totally unique, migh be liempo for you but its different, So im putting it in it own category the herb base. Anyway Mr. Liempo is on top among the rest.

Lembest (6/10)
When you talk about rotisserie, the smoke of a grilled meat should be there, or the char from the charcoal, but twice (again the discussion of company owned or franchisee and QC) the Lembest liempo, was like deep fried, im not saying its deeped fried, i saw it in the rotisserie, i dont know if its the marinade or something but didnt gave me that rotisserie taste, well ok, yes it had, i mean the smoke, but the deep fried feel overpowers it They have chicken but havent tried it.