a mere $2 $ETH price drop and i got liquidated!

 I opened a 20x leverage trade for $ETH at $3186 and my liquidatoin price is $ETH at $3028. This was at low going to a high and was a local retest, but it started going down, there were local recoveries but still lower highs and lower lows. I wasnt able to lock it a stop loss because it didnt pumped up to allow me to do so. A long battling of ups and down and yet a slow painful decline of the highs until $ETH hit the lowest as of this writing $3027, and triggered my liquidation. And then pumped up again. The funny circumstances of liquidate it could have been funnier when it touch the exact price and bounced off. As of this writting it has bounced off but not too far.


Here is the liquidation, more of less 10 hours, with the risk warning shouting!