Testing a 50x leverage on $BTC using Stormgain trading 

A local pump for $BTC just happened and its about time i test high leverage and do a stop loss. Since this was a local pump i assume the price can go up quick and i can place stop loss, and $BTC moves at a bigger interval. So this was quick trade. $BTC entry price $42,904. Using $10 at 50x leverage.


20 mins later and continually adjusting the stop loss. Adjusting the stop loss weighting possible quick drop or stopping a big drop. 

Opening date Feb 7 2022, 14:22
Opening price 42 904.97
Closing out date Feb 7 2022, 14:46
Closing price 43 198.44

my stop loss got hit as took a dip


Gained 3USDT from my 10USDT. $BTC then took a little dip passed my stop loss limit then bounced back to continued moving up. The good thing about doing stop loss and updating it as you move is that you get protected. Remember its a 50x leverage, prices is sort of exaggerated, quick gains and of course quick loss.