1 feb 4 call intro

Know when to enter the market, do not fomo in.

The reason why you shouldn't chase the pump or to fomo in, is that you will might be entering the market at a high and the trend will reverse. Also, if you are entering the market at a high then you will be earning less.

Below you will see the buy at the bottom of the price. This is using the 5mins trading time using Stormgain and leverage trading 20x using $100. Feb 4 2022, 14:07, entry price for BTC is $37,422

1 feb 4 call

No stop loss and no take profit. No take profit since you don't want to miss on a real good pump opportunity. No stop loss because i dont want to be played by whales when they drop price. This is a 5mins trade time, so price can be seen shooting up and nose diving down, but you will be glued to the computer. I all depends on your preference, if you dont intent to follow it every minute a stop loss is ok, drawback is the price drops hits your call and your trade is close and suddenly it bounced back to a pump, but depends on you actually, you can set the profit for your stop loss.

After 3 hours, I closed the trade. BTC at $40,268, gained 136 USDT

2 closed the trade

BTC price when down to retest and them did a pump and moved side ways and a major drop of price.

You would be saying to me that i should have put in the stop loss and let BTC go pump, i would agree. Thing is i always put in the don't be greedy first. I was happy with gain, pass the $100 target.

Anyway, as of this writing alt coins are moving and leading to the higher recovery. Alts are popping up like mushrooms pumping around. Like what i said do not FOMO, do not chase the pump, wait for a pull back to enter.