The title says building your business online and not building your online business. What is the difference?

You have an existing business and you need to be where the current market is, which is online. Also, add a new market, there are potential customers that will engage with you online.

The pandemic has showed us the power of the internet. We've been convincing businesses before of this existing market but they just not into it because their brick and mortal is proven. It is not a question of to be in the future but you have to realize if it aint broken dont fix it, then again you might be stuck in sharpened stones proved to essential in man's survival.

Anyway, the pandemic made a shift in how everyone is doing business now, from consumer to suppliers. Everybody has to go through a crush course. You have learn how to buy online otherwise you will starve due to the lockdown, and you have to learn how to sell online otherwise you dont have sales since no one can go out to buy your food.

Fast forward, everyone was online, we now get to taste those special recipes, thanks to the internet we can buy them now and enjoy the food. Thing is these people wont be selling tasty goods if they didnt lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Well, the online selling of goods as an alternative due to unemployment paved the way for both selling to survive and those home based artisan sellers. Point here, everything is online and it takes a pandemic to make people realize that it can be done. Some will say if the pandemic didnt happened then there was no need to go online, I say, now that the pandemic happened you didnt have time to practice how to go online. The future will come to you, ready or not, it just so happened it came to you sporting it's turbo pandemic and hitting in your face, faster than you expected and you are caught unaware.

Then again, the future is now, so bring you business online. This supposed to be an short into but I just have get things straignt anyway this is the link here to BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE