Finally you will be building your website

1. Get a domainname
This is your name globally and locally online. This is what people will type in to find your website, like Whereever they are they can find you website using the domain name. You can get your domain name here at we use this for our clients, as they have cheaper fee. Take note when buying a domain name check the succeeding years,  coz some will offer you cheap initials but will charge high after a year so better check first. Be wise on what domainname you want. If you are in the Philippines and want to use .ph instead of .com you can get the domain here at

2. Get a hosting service
This is where you store all you files of your website.
We use hosting servces. They have some promos when you avail of their services. We have tested lots of servers before and all failed, and those super cheap one with security risk. My review for eleven2 is that they have a very good customer support.

3. Build a website
There are so many ways to develop a website. You can hire a developer to do this for but, the problem we encountered with this, is that they are locked in with the developer. You can always have the developer create the website for you that you can handle after the deployment. The path i suggest is an easy to manage, why i say easy to manage, meaning you are not developer locked in, and you can get involved or your marketing can get involved and see how it goes, understanding how your website works online makes you understand how to use it more.

A. Joomla
We have been working with joomla website since they started. CMS content management system. We recommend these to clients since eventually they will evolve as they see  what being online can bring to their business and start to build up. Unlike having what we call a portfolio site, which cant be integrated with ecommerce and other stuff, joomla's core is designed to integrate with ecommerce.

B. Wordpress
Like Joomla, wordpress is a CMS also. The approach wordpress is taking is blogging or content heavy. This is a favorite of content driven websites. Lots of websites are done in wordpress due to the fact that lots of individuals are blogging. Wordpress can also be expanded to handle ecommerce.

C. Shopify
If you want straigh forward ecommerce and not much writting, this is the backbone you need. Built for ecommerce, and easy integration with payments. Buttom line, if you want to sell your product and not do much of articles or blogging, then this is for you.

Now that you have a website, you have to setup a way on how to track down your customers. This way you can analyze the behavoir of your customer and understand them better so you can make decisions on your promos to their liking to increase engagement and purchase.

4. Data
You can use improvely 
Improvely shows you the real people using your site with an automatically created activity profile for each visitor. Get to know your most valuable customers so you can find more of them. They have a free trial so you can test it first if it fits your needs


Everyone knows youtube. Perhaps you have friends who loaded vids of your product or service or you have a vid about your business. Having a video where you can talk more and demostrate your product or service is very effective. Now to bring it out so the public or your target market can see it, we used TubeBuddy check it and see how you can manage your video contents easily and has features for it. Money back guarantee and so cheap, so try it.