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Behind every post is a story we don't know

From the same network of friends.

Person A owes money from Person B. Person A post a vacation pic with a description "Live is Good, feeling thankful" which gained more likes than a post by Person B essential groceries with a description "Saving for the Future, keep hustling".

We love to to see a good life, happiness and fun, we love posting proud moments and happy moments of our lives, we share love and happiness to people. But seldom we find something important as we dont want to dig dipper, we are too tired to read between the lines so we tend to ignore things that uses much of our brain or the social media is an escape from our daily hustle that seeing these hustling post isnt what we want to see at the end of the day's hard work.

No one in the network knows Person A owes Person B. Then again Person A knows Person B can see the post. Does Person A cares? or Person A cares more of what people will say and think of the post?

At the end of the day it all boils down to who you are and what you post and your responsibilities. Be it in social media or not, still your resposibilities counts and not the likes. Think of the future can Person A still borrow from Person B? yes, but with interest, if Person A pays the previous debt.

 The Story behind every post that we don't know and perhaps will never know until the real story gets posted online.