We tried virgian corned beef, this one and not from the can, just to try it out.


Boom! tasted good, a good contender to the all time champ Purefoods corned beef.

During the pandemic I was able to loot SWIFT Corned Beef, forgot where, taste was good, the plus was the strand, needed a good corned beef with long strands for corned beef with potato soup. Purefoods didnt hit my standards but tasted good perhaps growing up with it. Anyway, i fried the SWIFT Corned Beef wasnt able to do soup and sadly not widely available. But I bet it will be best for the soup.

So, few days ago we tried to test this virginia corned beef, we tried it to test how these corned beef in this style taste. Virginia gained the contender's belt. After a very long time, Purefoods finally found a contender. And it's best assets is the strand. Yes! what i was looking for from SWIFT! and the taste is good, not like PUREFOODS but it's good. 

I want it to be a fair play so we tried the canned version and yes, its the contender.

PUREFOODS CORNED BEEF 9.5/10 taste (perhaps growing with it)
VIRGINIA CORNED BEEF 9.5/10 strand (the taste is good, but what made it was the strand)
SWFT CORNED BEEF 7/10 Strand (was after the strand, it tasted good but not comparable to PUREFOODS and VIRGINIA)

So , its tie right now for PUREFOODS and VIRGINIA