Hi-Ho wins over Nagaraya

Nagaraya is very popular and its known for the crunch, no doubt about, that snap crunch, yes it does deliver. This is my favorite peanut crunch, savor the powder flavor and snap crack the shell and you have your peanut. Drawback is it becomes a fortune cookie, and guest what, this piece has a bad nut inside. Hope they did something with their QC.
Due to the pandemic and some financial issues, i have to resort to an alternative, and luckily available on the shelf is HI-HO , grab and done, what can i do. So Hi-Ho is not brittle like Nagara but! there is a snap crack, if nagaraya is a shell, i say this is like a coating. i cant describe it anymore, i ate the last. So far, no bad nuts inside. If Nagaraya has 97% good nuts inside then this is 98% (although so far its 100%), i say 97% and 98% because it might be just batches in the production.

Interms of taste? Nagaraya has a powder coating which coats your tongue first, and gives the flavor, in HI-HO i say ot has a powder also but since the coating isnt hard hard of a shell like nagaraya then the flover mixes with the coating..

I like HI-HO better than nagaraya, i mean nagaraya is good, if i have extra money and go for taste and just spit out the bad but if i hit one, then yeah nagara, but damn if i want that nagaraya style peanuts, HI-HO can do. And why not HI-HO wins, bang for the buck, you get your crunch, you good peanut so far, and your flavor.

Bottome line, commercials and ads makes us think and say the other brand is better. Explore and taste and see, perhaps the other guy deserves a chance, it just didnt have the power to fool people.