Here im testing this chinese solid fuel, using my foldable stove.

Half a liter of water boiled at around 8 minutes and the fuel burnt out almost 12 minutes.

Yes its true, the fuel did smelled like piss but after a few minutes it will disappear.

This is efficient light weight compared to alcohol. Since alcohol comes with its container. Both are good where you are not allowed to use wood or no wood available.

I wouldn't use this particular brand again for the following reasons:

1. It created a black smoke that coated my pot, im not very happy with cleaning it. and that chemical smell like it's burnt rubber smell.

2. And since the smoke has that smell then it affected the water and had tainted it.

I haven't tried other brands, but for this particular chinese brand I suggest dont and just look for another one.

The box is dominant with black color, few white colored small chinese characters and a bigger red chinese character i would assume its the brand.