Below are the following outdoor stuff that i have and my review.

The all black tactical gloves feels sturdy but doesn't have that much detailed feel to touching objects. I recommend this for chopping and carrying things. The red/black gloves and a cheap one you can buy in local stores has a very good feel. Heat proofing is a tad better than the tactical, its the feel to details that i like this. Knife and bush craft, this glove has this feel.

Ok this picture has the windscreen, a coaster, alcohol stove and the pot. Windscreen is effective, have that air intake below. The reason why i added the windscreen, knowing the alcohol stove does have a windscreen included is that sometime the wind blows hard and simply passes through this gap as you can see. 11:29 minutes to rolling boil 3 cups of water.

Portable handle. I like this so much, now i don't have to worry about getting pots without handles and of course, this is where this comes to play, sometime you put your pot near the fire and the handles just gets too hot because its exposed to the fire all the time, so you know what i mean when it comes to your head and say wish that handle was detachable.