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Waking Up to Water — It's Crucial! | Healthy Living

Aside from avoiding your snooze button, it's time you make water a top priority each morning. While its importance is no secret, sipping water first thing in the morning that can significantly alter your day - for the better! Whether you're looking to lose weight or simply stay healthy, here are the exact reasons why water is crucial to your morning routine!

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hydro flask vacuum flask in cebu city philippines

We are doing a test for hydro flask standard mouth and wide mouth. For the standard mouth we are using the cap that came with it and not the sports cap. For the wide mouth, we are using the flip cap.

Hot water test, after 6 hours, both vacuum flask are still hot, I mean it can still burn you. This test is done without opening the flask. Technique we've learned based on what we have noticed, pre heat the flask and do not keep on opening the flask. Also put the correct amount, not more not less.
The design is not just merely to hold a certain amount, but its designed to maximized the holding of the temperature. I will contact hydro flask regarding this.
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A Coffee Addict's Guide to the World
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Choosing a cup of coffee is about more than just milk or sugar. From the Ethiopian countryside where coffee was first discovered to the baroque cafes of imperial Europe to the high-tech streets of Tokyo, coffee has adapted to almost every culture--even infiltrating tea-loving strongholds such as India and Hong Kong. Here's your global guide to regional coffee styles: some that have caught on across the globe, some that represent a unique link to the area--and some that are just plain weird.

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Naked portafilters and tampers

How important proper tamping and knowing the pull?

Its always a big question, does it taste as good as it looks? you are pulling good looking espresso but are they tasting as how you want it? Good tasting espresso almost all of the time looks good, but not all good looking espresso taste good - do you get this? a lot of people think that espresso i about the crema, well yes and well no.

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